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LCS Srl offers its clients expertise in the field of Design and Development, as well as team management. The Agile methodologies we employ provide numerous advantages, such as greater adaptability to changes, more active client involvement, better risk control, and increased transparency. These methodologies enable teams to quickly respond to customer feedback and deliver incremental value throughout the development process.

work areas

Big Data

Digital Transformation

Artificial intelligence

Advanced analytics

Data Management

Internet of things (IoT)

Big data analytics

Business analytics

Anomaly Detection

Asset intelligence

Machine Learning


Banking sector

Industrial automation


Serving businesses for 15 years

We assist companies in utilizing their data to analyze customer behavior, optimize production processes, enhance logistical efficiency, predict market trends, and much more.

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Increase your productivity
with Smart Helper

Better manage the flow of goods, reduce waiting times, and enhance the quality of services provided to your customers

Warehouse planning is a critical activity for many companies that handle large quantities of inventory. When the workload increases, it’s easy to lose control of inventory management processes, leading to delays in product delivery to customers or a reduction in the quality of services provided.

Make warehouse planning more efficient with Track and Tracing: the system allows you to anticipate warehouse needs, thus avoiding situations of understocking or overcrowding. Track and Tracing planning also enables you to monitor the flow of goods and identify critical points where the system may struggle to meet demand.

A well-designed warehouse planning system is a valuable aid to management and supports them in making quick and effective decisions.