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LCS  S.r.l.

Consulting and Software Development Company

Liguria Consulting Solutions – LCS was born from the collaboration of a group of researchers and graduates in Computer Science.  We assist companies in identifying and solving problems to improve productivity and simplify administrative management. We provide our clients with solid theoretical knowledge acquired in academia and consolidated technical skills gained from years of experience in the IT field with important companies across Italy.

From large corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises, we offer our users a comprehensive service ranging from Hardware/Software consulting, showcasing the most innovative technologies currently available in the market, to installation and support. We position ourselves as coordinators for companies operating in the ICT sector, offering them specialized expertise. LCS S.r.l. is a part of several prominent associations recognized at the national level: Polo Sosia, Confindustria, Dixet, Siit. Furthermore, LCS actively collaborates with the Department of Computer Science at the University of Milan and other university groups.

The Ethical Social Label
The Ethical Social Label is a unique method created to enhance and undertake actions of social innovation with the aim of improving the company, the well- being of its employees, and the world we live in. Companies that are forward- looking integrate ethics and social innovation into their strategy and daily activities.

How do they achieve this result?
1) They unite purpose with profit.
2) They work for their positive image and reputation.
3) They are generative and collaborative.
4) They place people at the center.
5) They cultivate a positive attitude.
6) They invest in relationships.
7) They invest in relationships.

The combination of these essential factors is the foundation of all our activities and consulting: we adopt behaviors that yield results of universal value.

Our commitment was affirmed and recognized in 2022 through the Ethical Social Label method.



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