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Decision Twin

Innovative IT Solutions

Understand your way of thinking in management
of people and processes in ordinary and extraordinary situations to replicate it in a simple way and intuitive thanks to AI technology.

Lcs Ai

Smart and Custom

Our AI solutions

Your twin decision will be able to

Manage online the transversal execution of business processes

Learn best practices from the process manager in the field

Suggest the best solution to solve any extraordinary situations

Realize predictive analytics on your specific reality

Artificial Intelligence at the service of your company

We provide companies with expert resources in different IT sectors

  • Data Science

  • Data Engineering  

  • Machine Learning

These professionalities, internal to LCS AI and difficult to find on the market, allow to accelerate time to market and to reduce costs of an AI solution.

Thought Learned
and Replicated by AI

How LCS AI  was born

The LCS corporate team decided to invest in the research and development of a proprietary AI engine that would allow companies to offer AI tools.

  • 2020

    In the period of forced detention we threw ourselves on something new even if, actually, it was about putting on the ground we have always done. We have started thinking about a division of LCS at the base of which there was Artificial Intelligence.

  • 2021

    We have grounded many years of experience in the IT field and identified the criticalities present in our customers realities. The strong need identified concerned the efficiency of business processes.

  • 2022

    The enhancement of the individual and their work have always been central. The AI technology always starts from an input of the person and over time learns to replicate the way of thinking in business management.

  • 2023

    With the release of Chat GPT, our AI technology is further enriched by the implementation of a deductive module able to extrapolate the key concepts starting from a textual input.

  • 2024

    LCS AI officially is launched in the market to help companies to efficiency business processes with a series of economic benefits: cost reduction and risks, increased sales productivity.