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Liguria Consulting Solutions

Streamline your work with cutting-edge software solutions

Our mission

AI technology in a simple and intuitive way

It automatically replicates your way of thinking in managing people and processes in ordinary and extraordinary situations.

All this represents your DECISION TWIN with

Save time and resources

with a versatile and continuously evolving planning system


Our system easily integrates with the ones already in place


Reduce downtime and gain efficiency


Avoid allocating resources to learn something new


Quickly adjust the plan in case of unexpected events.

Artificial Intelligence at the service of your company

Artificial Intelligence is a revolutionary tool in the digital field: AI employs machine learning algorithms to recognize and learn from historical data and past experiences. The software can identify patterns and optimal operational rules, adapting to changes over time and enhancing the accuracy of predictions and decisions.

When applied to automation software through Track and Trace, artificial intelligence offers advanced analytical capabilities, machine learning, resource optimization, and decision support. Its usage significantly enhances operational efficiency, prediction accuracy, and resource management, enabling intelligent automation and continuous optimization of the production process and supply chain.

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