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Smart Helper

The best friend of the business manager

What is Smart Helper?

Smart Helper is a powerful artificial intelligence-based tool that offers planning solutions, data analysis, and decision automation. With its ability to process large amounts of data, learn from them, and improve over time, Smart Helper allows for significant time and cost savings, contributing to the success and efficiency of your company.

The Smart Helper suite can bring significant time and money savings to your company in various ways:


Using machine learning algorithms, Smart Helper analyzes historical data related to business activities, including work volumes, required skills, and staff availability; it suggests the optimal allocation of personnel, ensuring efficient resource utilization and reducing time spent on manual planning.


Smart Helper automates a range of business processes, reducing the need for manual tasks that consume time and human resources. For instance, the AI can automate candidate selection for a specific position, cutting down evaluation times and associated costs.


Smart Helper identifies inefficiencies or time wastage within business processes and provides recommendations for improvement. It suggests automating repetitive tasks or optimizing workflows, thereby boosting the overall productivity of the company.

What makes Smart Helper unique?

Throughout all its stages, LCS always begins by listening to the customer, starting with an evaluation of their initial situation (initial assessment) to thoroughly understand their needs and provide tailor-made solutions. The software adapts to your company and its processes, not the other way around.

1) Data Analysis

Smart Helper can process large amounts of data generated by the Track and Trace system, including data from sensors, tracking devices, and other sources. The AI’s data analysis identifies patterns, trends, and anomalies that can provide valuable insights for improving the production process and supply chain.

2) Machine Learning

Smart Helper utilizes machine learning algorithms to recognize and learn from historical data and past experiences. Through this, the software can identify optimal operational patterns and rules, adapting to changes over time and enhancing the accuracy of predictions and decisions.

3) Decision Automation

Smart Helper is capable of making autonomous decisions or assisting human operators in this phase. Through algorithms and predictive models, the AI evaluates complex scenarios and suggests actions to take in critical situations, such as identifying and resolving anomalies or managing priorities in activities.





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Green economy

Information technology



Public administration

Financial services

Startups and innovation

Healthcare services

Professional services


Tourism and hospitality

Trasportation and logistics

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