About us

LCS Srl was founded in 2009 by a group of computer science graduates and researchers. We help our customers to identify and fix problems in order to improve productivity and simplify the management of business and business processes. We make available to our customers both a solid theoretical knowledge acquired in the academic field and technical skills well-established as a result of many years of experience in the field of IT in many important Italian companies. LCS Ltd. is part of some important associations recognized at National level.

What we do


LCS Srl offers to its customers skills in Desing and Development as well as in the management of work teams Agile methodologies.

Big Data

LCS Srl supports its customers in the analysis of large volumes of data with the goal of find patterns and interpretation patterns that are useful for development of their business.

Industrial Automation

LCS Srl designs and builds systems for supply management and monitoring Chain, creating Tracking & Tracing (T&T) solutions for monitoring (both hard realtime and soft realtime) of the streams logistics and organisational systems. These systems, taking advantage of the new Ict technologies, allow for more advanced investigation and optimization in production management, with beneficial fallout from the business.

Training courses

LCS offers vocational programming training courses with customized solutions for every need.


What is it?

It is a tool that provides tips and guidance to improve the process respecting constraints and optimizing available resources


What it does

  • Past:
    Analysis of the Completed Processes
  • Present:
    Real-time monitoring
  • Future:
    Simulation and planning to optimize/allocate resources

What indications it provides

  • Past:
    Process performances overview
  • Present:
    Warning and performance measures
  • Future:
    Indications on how

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Application scenarios


News & Events

NextGeneration LIGURIA Event

  • LCS will attend the event NextGeneration LIGURIA. We will show Smart Helper and its applications in different fields.

LCS became Technical Provider in Gartner

  • LCS Technical Provider in Gartner for Track & Trace, Microservices and ERP.

LCS joined the SOSIA Pole

  • The Research and Innovation Center S.O.S.I.A. operates in the fields of environmental risks and land management, cybersecurity and innovative ICT systems for Smart Factory and automation.

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Work with us

Java developers to be integrated into a Scrum team working at the company's headquarters. The ideal candidate has strong motivation and shows passion for the web and the new technologies.


  • Java
  • Spring
  • Angular/React

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